The International Pilgrim Virgin Statue made in the image of Our Lady of Fatima was famously sculpted by Jose Thedim. Upon its initial pilgrimages throughout Portugal miracles occurred (from the gathering of doves to the conversion of hardened sinners’ hearts).

These miracles prompted Sr. Lucia, the original Fatima seer, to encourage Pope Pius XII to send forth the statue with the message of Fatima to the world. It thus became the International Pilgrim Virgin. The statue and its custodian were sent forth to travel, to teach the important message of Fatima, and to inspire the faithful.

The miracles, favors, and signal graces were so numerous on its pilgrimages that Pope Pius XII, reflected on them

in his famous radio address to the pilgrims at Fatima, May 13, 1951. He recalled having crowned the Fatima statue in 1946:

“In 1946 we crowned Our Lady of Fatima as Queen of the world, and the next year, through her pilgrim image, She set forth a though to claim Her dominion, and the miracles She performs along the way are such that we can scarcely believe our eyes at what we are seeing.” 

The important miracles are the spiritual cures and gifts Our Lady bestows. The sudden conversion of a stubborn heretic is a good example. Another important miracle is the enlightenment of someone who has resisted the idea of statues or the idea of praying to saints. The spiritual miracles are infinitely more valuable than the things we can see, touch, or measure.


The International Pilgrim Virgin will be coming to Memphis May 2 – 5 on a Memphis Tour, traveling to four parishes: St. Mary’s Jackson, St. Louis Memphis, St. William Millington, and St. Michael Memphis. It is the hope that the message of Fatima which is one of prayer and penance will permeate the hearts of the faithful, and that through this coming her Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of her Son will triumph.